Faculty & Management

At Franklin College School, both faculty members and the management team share a unified vision of providing “education without frontiers”.

We pride ourselves in promoting the academic, social, physical, and character development of our students by providing them with a challenging, varied and supportive learning environment.  We set high personal and academic standards for our students.

The Franklin Graduate Expectations are:

  • A confident and competent decision maker
  • A committed and disciplined knowledge seeker
  • An effective communicator
  • A reflective and creative thinker
  • An open-minded and continuous learner
  • A collaborative contributor
  • A caring family member
  • A responsible citizen

We believe, with positive support and direction, students will rise to the challenge of high expectations. Our students are recognized and respected as unique individual, and their success reflect our own dedication to providing a high quality, well-rounded education.

We believe that a partnership of families is critical to maximizing the success of our students. Interactive communication between the classroom teachers, the school and our families are integral to our program.

Strengths of our faculty and management team include:

  • Licensed instructors with knowledge, experience and continuing professional development.
  • Adoption of highly effective pedagogical methods: immersion and interactive techniques to stimulate critical thinking, knowledge comprehension and application.
  • Personalized teaching approach by teachers to customize a unique model of learning experience in order to maximize the level of achievements.
  • Proven evaluation and assessment model to accurately reflect achievement levels and to effectively develop improvement strategies.
  • Comprehensive and dedicated administration services include: study guidance and counseling, university placement and career advice, student visa application and extension, home-stay arrangement and health insurance coverage.
  • Expert IT support facilitates a modern and secure education platform with strategic development towards a blended learning approach