Student Accommodation

Scarborough Community Family Accommodation

Franklin provides middle-class family accommodation (home-stay) arrangements for international students in the beautiful Scarborough community. Franklin selects local families that have rich experiences in hosting international students. Local families provide rooms for students with bed, desk and chair, TV, internet access and other appropriate living facilities for international students to create a warm and comfortable accommodation. Local families provide students with a nutritious breakfast and dinner (some families provide lunch), will also supervise students in time schedules. Living with local families not only provides a good language learning environment, but also help students quickly get familiar with Canadian culture and blend to Canadian lives.


Residential Services

When a student’s home-stay is confirmed, Franklin will provide the family stay photos and briefings to the students and parents, so parents and student have the relevant information in advance.

Franklin will keep track of the living conditions after the arrival of each student. If the students have home-stay replacement demands, Franklin will coordinate arrangements for the students to change home-stay.